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    CodiQ is a unified control and automation platform for agile streamlining of your development and commissioning processes. It reduces tedious and monotonous work for talented members of your team, maximizing productivity while minimizing risk for process manufacturing in the connected factory.

    How It Works

    Why CodiQ

    We empower your manufacturing team to rapidly embrace hyper-automated development with little effort and dramatic impact. Our powerful, intuitive, process-centric platform is the ideal way to extend development to a broader team. In addition, this unified platform is universally applicable and vendor-agnostic.

    Proven by Client Success

    Our clients report that CodiQ outperforms their expectations as they fly past KPIs:


    time to market
    development cost
    Code Errors
    in commissioning

    How It Works

    CodiQ enables you to write, plan, test and diagnose your production processes in a safe and efficient way – faster than ever before.


    Digitally transform PLC programming with 5 simple steps

    1 A Unified Database Creation
    Define your floor plant database either using the CodiQ Studio or by importing an existing P&ID .dwg file
    2 Automatic Analysis and Framework
    Our patented Control-Q-EngineTM analyzes P&ID drawings and automatically generates programs incorporating industry standards, best practices, and policies – with little reliance on development.
    3 Your User Input
    Process and/or Automation Engineers develop and fine-tune the Functional Design Spec (FDS) logic via an intuitive visual UI
    4 Seamless Commissioning
    Easily define, troubleshoot, and diagnose process and failure automation scenarios
    5 Always Safe Download
    Your final zero-error code and configuration files are downloaded to any vendor PLC/HMI securely, completely transparently, so you can be confident about expected results

    Achieve The Outcomes You Need To Succeed

    Interested in using CodiQ for PLC & factory automation? Our expert teams are here to help.

    Professional Services Team

    Assists manufacturers or system integrators with factory automation

    Technical Support Team

    Answers your questions on PLC automation

    Online Training Course

    Take our online training course to get up to speed

    Key Industries

    Versatile CodiQ serves a diverse variety of industries and enables fast customization to perfectly match your application

    Water Treatment
    Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics
    Food & Beverage

    Our Customers

    Our customers include leading food & beverage manufacturers, water technology, energy, pharma and cosmetics companies.

    About CodiQ

    CodiQ was founded in 2019 by industry veterans who dreamed of solving a well-known pain point that keeps many manufacturers and system integrators from taking the leap to a Smart Factory paradigm. They knew that tomorrow’s factory needs to be agile, more efficient, produce less waste, and rely less on error-prone human involvement at each step. As such, they focused on the most important phase in manufacturing: planning the optimized processes before a single machine begins humming. CodiQ has been delighted to see that the platform indeed addresses this need for leading food and beverage manufacturers, water technology, energy, pharma and cosmetics companies.

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    Your factory may revolve around equipment and materials, but it’s all really driven by your people. Optimize their productivity by reducing manual, time-consuming process planning carried out more quickly and flawlessly by software, and they can use your team’s talents to drive efficiency and increase margins throughout the manufacturing process.

    CSIA 2023 event

    CodiQ sponsors the upcoming CSIA event. Visit our booth, join the Fun & Run activity and participate at the Deliverables track to see us!


    Golda boutique ice-cream

    Implementing CodiQ resulted in significant cost savings and 90% time savings due to reusing functionality and eliminating errors.

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